Friday, January 5, 2007

A holiday 50 years in the making!

Well, it's still the semester break at Mizzou so rather than try to write something "science like" I will briefly describe the amazing holiday my family had, the result of a 50 year marriage! As I mentioned earlier the primary purpose of the trip to Montana was to celebrate my parents' 50th anniversary. I feel extremely blessed to have the honor of seeing my parents feed each other cake on this incredible day. Unfortunately, in today's society a 50 + year marriage is likely to become a rarity. Take a look at the couple feeding each other cake in the pic. My wish to anyone reading this is that you also find a love that lasts like that!

After the anniversary party, we all went skiing at Discovery Basin in Montana. Val and I were surprised at how easily skiing came back to us and we didn't feel as sore and old as we thought we would:) Other highlights included an evening of fiddle and mandolin music compliments of a nephew and his friend, a snowy night spent in the hot spring at Fairmont Hot Springs resort, and delicious steaks grilled on dad's Big Green Egg (this grill really is amazing!). I hope you and your family enjoyed peaceful holiday time and I wish everyone happiness and health in 2007!

Mad Scientist.


Paige said...

Great post and pictures Uncle Mad! It really was such a blessing to be able to be there at the party. Oh, that is a great post title! =) I am looking forward to more posts on your blog =)

Paige :)

Caitlin said...

Hey Uncle Mad, thank you for the comment on our blog! I really liked your post on the anniversary, it was amazing. I will never forget Uncle Mad's ski school (Lift, Shift, Lean) Paige is right, that is a very catchy title :~) We will work on those dates for me to head up to Columbia.

Caitlin ;~)

theaudioprof said...

Your Blogging!
Too cool.