Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Media "Fast"

As we get closer to the start of classes here at Mizzou I am forcing my brain to think more "science" like thoughts...perhaps this means this blog could actually get some posts in the upcoming future besides my family news...not that the personal stuff is all bad, I hope you enjoy reading about special "life" events, after all, I am finding this an easy way to keep my good friends God has blessed me with updated. None the less, since the blog is tittled "Media Brain" I better blog the occasional title relevant thought! Before I get to a brief thought today I want to welcome my friend the Audio Prof to my site and say thanks for the encouraging comment. The Audio Prof is one of my best friends and my academic brother! All of you should also go check out his blog. I have it linked on my page. He and I have a bit under a year to get our book on using psychophysiological methods to study cognitive/emotional processing of media done...YIKES!

Here is my brief media thought for the day. It's not "science" related because when I have my "social scientist hat" on I must be more objective than what I am going to be in expressing this thought. The church my wife and I fellowship with is currently having a week of focused spiritual growth for the married couples. Now, I know every week should be full of spiritual growth but it is good to highlight it even more than what a busy daily life typically allows every now and then. As part of this week, we are spending the next three days in what is practically a "media fast." This means no television, no radio, no internet, no videogames (not difficult for me)...well you get the picture. The intent of the fast is to temporarily minimize our exposure to the ideas of "the world" so that we can focus more clearly on our true goal and priority as Christians. To the "media professor" in me, it is telling that a large proportion of the programing delivered through today's media, in all the numerous forms, has become something Christians feel they should "fast" from and in a lot of cases should probably completely abstain from to become more focused and faithful. After, my "media fast" I will try to provide my thoughts on what I view as some bright spots in the criticism I have just leveled at my own field:) Logging onto this blog is included in my fast so if you comment, please realize I won't see it for a few days. God bless.

Mad Scientist.

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Caitlin said...

Wow, sounds very interesting Uncle Mad, maybe should try it. Do let us know how it went!