Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Media Cure


We've been off our "media fast" since Saturday but getting ready for another exciting semester at Mizzou kept me from blogging earlier. I highly recommend fasting from media. The quiet is WONDERFUL and it's nice to use that time to connect with God.

I said that I would mention what I hope are a couple of bright spots in terms of improving media content. One specific ray of hope that has been brought to my attention is the Independent Christian film festival sponsored by Vision Forum and held each fall in San Antonio. Eventhough I have some strong disagreement with the theology of this organization it is promising to see resources put into encouraging the production of positive media content.

What I hope is a second bright spot is the research I and other colleagues do on how different ways of producing media content influence the way indidividuals pay attention to, emotionally respond to, and remember media they are exposed to. We believe that what the brain does at this level lays the foundation for all the effects media content might have on a person. One major reason you see a lot of sex and or violence in media content is producers intuitively believe this content is effective at grabbing attention....and attention is the first step in the process of capturing an audience...and in the real life business of media...audience equals MONEY! Optimistically I believe that research into brain processes different features of media content engage during media use has the potential to provide insight into how to grab an audience without resorting to cheap thrills:) In coming posts I'll share the results of some of the work we are doing on advertising in the PRIME Lab.

Have a blessed week.
Mad Scientist.

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Paige said...

I am glad your media fast went well, Uncle Mad. The San Antonio Christian Film Festival was a really neat experience mostly because we saw people using the media for God's glory. I hope that your research is able to make a difference in the way that media is used today. I look forward to reading about it.